Example PERM Advertisement

Here is an example of a PERM Ad we did for 3 different recruitment options using different job titles and positions. It shows the basic immigration advertising approach to managing your 9089 filing.

Example Newspaper Print PERM Recruitment Advertisement:  Click here for Example Newspaper Tear Sheet Sunday Classified PERM Ad

Sr. Web Developer. Develops & leads web application using Java, Ajax & MySQL. Expertise in running Java on Linux platforms a must. Req MS in Computer Science or any related field. Any suitable combination of educ, training or exp is acceptable. Send resume: John Doe, Example Corp Inc, 1234 Myjob Way, Ste 100, MyTown, CA 92614 (jobsite).
PERM Labor Certification News Ad Quote
Example Newspaper Tearsheet for PERM Classified Ad

Example Newspaper Tearsheet for PERM Classified Ad

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Example Radio PERM Recruitment Advertisement Click here to hear example.

Example Church is looking to fill the job position of Pastor. Duties include preaching sermons, and conducting worship services. A master’s degree in theology or its equivalent is required. To apply send a resume to Example Church, 123 Worship Street, Unit A, Hawaiian Gardens, California 90716. Job is located in Hawaiian Gardens, California.
PERM Recruitment Classified Ad Quote
Example PERM Radio Ad Script

Example PERM Radio Ad Script

For help on composing radio ads, or pricing, just fill out our quote request form and we will glad glad to help.


Example Employer Website PERM Recruitment Advertisement:

Example Website

TITLE:Sr. Web DeveloperREQUIREMENTS:Master of Science in Computer Science or any related field.SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS:Any suitable combination of education, training or experience is acceptable.

JOB DUTIES:Develops and leads web application using Java 1.5 for Linux 2.4 and MySQL Enterprise Edition 2009.

Also, oversees development web applications using LAMP technology. Builds software applications to provide the technical architecture of Web sites or Web-based software productivity. Maintains and enhances existing web application.

Migrates existing lamer .Net coding to PHP. Handles database connection pooling and write stored procedures using MySQL and Java running under Jakarta Tomcat. Compiles and deploys coding in the production server. Migrates ()wned Microsoft SQL Server to Red Hat Enterprise Linux server running MySQL.

CONTACT: Please contact John Deforrest Doe III for an appointment. Example Corp Inc. 1234 MyJob Way, Suite 100 MyTown, CA 92614

PERM Labor Certification Employer Website


Example PERM Employer Website Evidential Printout:

Example PERM Employer Website Printout

Example PERM Employer Website Printout


In addition to the website above, here are some sample employer website templates that you can select when you order our PERM Employer website product.

PERM Employer Website | AgentPress Theme

PERM Employer Website | AgentPress Theme

Employer Website | Venture Theme

PERM Employer Website | Venture Theme

PERM Employer Website | Education Theme

PERM Employer Website | Education Theme

PERM Employer Website | Metric Theme

PERM Employer Website | Metric Theme


The wording changes slightly, for example in a PERM Recruitment newspaper ad, you are allowed to abbreviate certain words.

In radio, your wording has to be in a script that can be “spoken” by the radio station’s production staff.

And, for an Employer Website posting, where ad rates and per-line charges are not an issue, you can be more descriptive about the position.


  • You should always include employer’s official company name in ad.
  • Instruct applicants on “how to apply”, e.g. via “mail”, “email”, “in person”, “by fax”, or “through this site” [656.17(f)(2)]
  • Describe the job in detail so as to inform the US work force of the exact nature of the job you are seeking to certify. [656.17(f)(3)]
  • Designate the job location (especially if different from the company location) in a specific entry, for example: “Job is located in Austin, Texas”. Also advise of any travel or circumstances surrounding access to the job location, for example: “Public transit not available”. [656.17(f)(4)

As you can see, it’s no small task to organize a DOL Compliant set of job ads unless you have a feel for how to save money in respective media outlets, describe the job in terms of compliance with the legal requirements set out by Dept. Of Labor, *and* do so in the appropriate recruitment time line as far as recruitment scheduling goes.

The idea though is to approach each media outlet with the above examples in mind, and you should have no problems when a Certifying Officer reviews your case. Click here for our article on PERM Ad Requirements.

We have a huge database of example PERM recruitment ads for all media types, so you can see for yourself how these ads are configured.  This is an excellent resource for busy paralegals with even busier attorneys to assist.  Even if you have been working in immigration law for some time, it’s amazing to see what ideas and insight your peers have to offer.

Try us out, you’ll benefit quite quickly from our years of experience.

To get a quote on PERM Recruitment or Immigration Advertising, please fill out the form on the right side of this page or call 1-866-489-7226.

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